Home Selling Process

Realtor Consultation
It is our goal to understand, clarify, and prioritize your needs to ensure a smooth process, and enable the best possible decisions. We will answer any of your questions and introduce you to a list of resources available to assist you in preparing your home for sale.

Marketing Your Home
We will use target marketing tools to find your best possible Buyer, and enact an innovative marketing plan catered specifically to your home as well as your individual needs and comfort.

Offer Process
We will provide you with a comprehensive review of all the various terms and conditions so you understand each step.

We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain your best possible offer and reach mutual acceptance in a timely manner.

Disclosures & Inspections
Once you receive an acceptable offer, there may be a number of inspections before the Buyer commits to purchase. Through our years of experience, we have been connected to a wide variety of professionals that will ensure you a smooth transition to the next step of the process.

Contingencies to be Completed
Our exclusive tracking system will manage the Buyer’s contingency periods, including the appraisal, repairs, and loan approval. We are focused on keeping you informed and prepared.

Closing Activities
We are committed to ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership and will continue communication even after the transaction is closed.

After Closing
Please consider us your first call to assist with any question about your property or any needed contractor recommendations.


Determining the most advantageous and realistic listing and selling price for your home is critical. We will consider the following to form an initial price range:

  • A detailed market analysis of the property and area
  • Your tolerance for days on the market
  • Your financial goals for the sale

After determining the initial price range, I will schedule a tour of the property. The current condition of the property will highly influence the price and time on the market. After this evaluative tour, we will create a plan for any staging or repairs to:

  • Highlight the assets of your home
  • Remediate the liabilities of the property
  • Appeal to the greatest number of Buyers
  • Allow you to reach your time and financial goals

The listing price will be determined once these steps are completed and your home is ready to be marketed.

Open Houses

Showing Your Home
Once your property is listed, we want Buyers to have access to the home in order to generate interest and offers. How and when your property will be shown or toured will be determined by your schedule and comfort. There are a variety of ways to set up these showings, and we will review those options prior to listing your home.

Before we begin showings, you should be sure of which items are included as part of the Real Estate sale. For example, there may be some items of real property you want to take with you that are normally included in the sale. Or, the Buyer might want some items of your personal property to be included in the offer. It is important for you to review any item you may be uncertain about with me.

We will also discuss the option of pre-inspections and a Home Warranty.In order to maintain the safety of yourself and your property, be sure to:

  • Keep the interior and exterior of your home well lit
  • Remove any obstacles that may be a safety hazard
  • Remove or lock up: Your calendar, Prescription medication, Personal papers, Small valuables, Firearms & potential weapons, even if only on display
  • During showings or tours we will ensure the best possible first impression for your property. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Offer to Mutual Acceptance

Once an acceptable offer is presented, negotiations will begin. I will work with you to create any counter offers and negotiate them with the Buyer’s Broker. Some of the items that may be negotiated include:

  • Sale price
  • Earnest money
  • Down payment
  • Loan type and qualification
  • Closing costs
  • Contingencies
  • Title issues
  • Fixtures
  • Personal property
  • Inspection period and types
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Closing date
  • Possession date
  • Title Company

Once the Buyer has signed the acceptance of any counter offers, or you sign accepting the Buyer’s offer as is, we will have reached mutual acceptance. Then, the following will occur:

  • You will be informed of all timelines and obligations within the sale agreement.
  • You will be provided with all copies of documentation regarding the Buyer’s offer and purchase.
  • Signed documents will then be sent to the Buyer or their representative.
  • Copies of the sale agreement and Broker’s instructions will be sent to the Lender and Title company.
  • I will track the deposit of Earnest Money and communicate there after.
  • I will track the Appraisal and Buyer’s loan application.

Mutual Acceptance to Closing

Inspections will begin after mutual acceptance. The Buyer’s Agent may provide us a copy of Home Inspection Reports and a list of remedies. We will discuss the pros and cons of taking responsibility for performing any requested repairs versus a credit toward the cost of these repairs, since there is no performance standard. If a repair is necessary, I have a network of qualified contractors available to you.

Prior to and after closing, I will:

  • Follow up on the appraisal, Buyer’s loan documents, and final closing figures.
  • Coordinate and attend your document signing with the escrow officer and you.
  • Arrange transfer of possession with you, the Buyer, and their Broker.
  • Continue to communicate periodically after closing.
  • Always be available to assist you with any questions about your property or any needed reference in the future. Please consider us your first call.